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Taka Conseil has been providing unique property coaching services in the Gers and Hautes-Pyrénées since its launch in 2022. Founded and managed by Leah Luenu, with the invaluable support of Barbara Edmonds, our team is committed to providing an innovative approach to property sales.

why real estate coaching?

Do you belong to the 82% of customers who consider estate agency fees to be excessive?

It was on the basis of this research that we launched Taka. The Taka approach  to selling your property gives you maximum support for a minimum fee. 

We have developed an innovative concept to meet your expectations. Inspired by Canadian real estate coaching, our packages are designed exclusively for you, putting your needs at the heart of our approach.

our vision

We firmly believe that the best person to sell your own home is you! Of course, a sale can’t be improvised, which is why we accompany you every step of the way, offering you the freedom of a private sale while benefiting from our professional tools and expertise.

At Taka, we work in complete confidence and transparency to give you the personal and careful approach you deserve.

What Barbara says about Léah

funder and coach

Léah is full of energy and passion for building exceptional relationships with people while bringing projects to fruition. Her varied experience began in Bristol, England, which has enhanced her adaptability and given her an international outlook. With a background in tourism and customer relations, she has been working in real estate for the last ten years. An outstanding communicator, she is an effective problem-solver with a steely determination. Her intelligence, empathy and attention to detail make her an irreplaceable coach. She particularly excels at adding value to properties, using her photographic skills to give each property a unique and remarkable presence.

What Léah says about Barbara

real estate coach

Barbara embodies Taka’s quiet strength. A former barrister specialising in family law, her calm demeanour and attention to detail set her apart. She has over 10 years’ experience as an estate agent in France. Her career as a lawyer in the UK adds a unique legal perspective to her skills. Her international knowledge is a major asset in an increasingly diverse property market.


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