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Find agency fees too high. They average 5% and can be as high as 10% of the sale price.


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You want to sell your property but do you choose an estate agent or do you sell privately? With Taka you can have the best of both worlds.
providing a complete service while saving you an average of €10,000.

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Two passionate property experts based in the heart of the Hautes-Pyrénées, who have been working in the region for ten years. Together, we put our passion and know-how at the service of your property project, bringing a wealth of expertise and an unwavering commitment to making your experience a memorable success.


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They say it better than we do !

Xavier, V.
Xavier, V.Lascazères
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Thanks to TAKA, our first time as a vendor went quickly and smoothly. Léah accompanied us from start to finish, reassuring us at every stage of a process that we were not familiar with. We would recommend their service to anyone.
Sophie, B.
Sophie, B.Peyrusse Grande
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Thank you Taka! You've been a great help, always available and always trying to ensure that everyone gets the best out of things. I was lucky to have you in such a complicated situation to help me move things forward, and it was all free for me to buy. I felt really listened to and confident about the negotiations in my favour! Thank you for your availability, your commitment, your clarity and your confidence. I wish you all the best!
Scott, N.
Scott, N.New-York
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Thanks to a magnificent video presenting the property, a buyer was found within 2 weeks. There were, however, some complications with the co-owners, who lived in different countries. The professional and personal attention provided by Barbara and Léah was extraordinary, as was their patience and understanding during the difficult "obstacles" that arose during the transaction. Highly recommended.

your questions, our answers

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)!
We understand that our innovative concept of fixed-fee property coaching can raise questions, and we’re here to answer them.
Below are some of the most common questions our customers have. However, don’t hesitate to contact us for personalised answers or to explore our unique approach further.

What is real estate coaching?

Property coaching, which originated in Canada, is revolutionising sales between private individuals. This innovative approach offers a complete service at a fixed cost, regardless of the value of the property. Here, the seller’s freedom is enhanced by professional expertise at every stage of the process. With us, you can benefit from personalised support and expert advice, and unleash the full potential of your sale, with no constraints. Welcome to a new era in real estate coaching, where your success becomes our priority!

What are the benefits of real estate coaching?
  1. Savings and financial transparency: Opting for our fixed-rate property coaching means embracing total financial transparency. Gone are the variable costs and surprises of traditional commissions, because our fixed fee gives you a clear and anticipated view of expenses, allowing you to take full control of your budget.

    2. Property expertise: Benefit from tailor-made property expertise at every stage of your project. Our dedicated team puts its know-how at your service to maximise the value of your property, guiding you precisely through the crucial decisions and ensuring a successful real estate experience.

    3. Seller-Focused Advice, Seamless Support: With our seller-focused approach, you receive advice tailored to your specific needs. This translates into seamless support throughout the sales process, focusing on your objectives and ensuring a smooth and successful transaction.

What does the fixed fees include?

In our fixed price, we offer you a complete range of services for a smooth and successful real estate experience, structured in six key steps:

  1. Property valuation and staging: We start with an accurate valuation of your property, followed by a thorough staging. This includes professional photos, a detailed description in French and English, floor plans and an immersive virtual tour.
  2. Administrative management: We take care of all the administrative aspects. From organising diagnostics to resolving any administrative problems, we take care of everything.
  3. Contact reception: We take care of receiving calls and emails from potential buyers, ensuring smooth, responsive communication
  4. First assisted viewing: We are present at the first visit to provide you with the best tips and advice, helping to create a positive experience for visitors.
  5.  Negotiation Assistance and Advice: We actively assist you in the negotiation phase, providing expert advice to achieve the best results.
  6. Sending the Sales dossier and Follow-up: Finally, we take care of sending the sales file to the notary and meticulously follow the sales process through to completion.

In short, our fixed fee covers each stage in detail, ensuring professional and transparent management of the entire property sale process.

What are the differences with a traditional agency?
  • Unlike traditional estate agents who charge commission based on the sale price, property coaching offers a fixed fee, ensuring total financial transparency from the outset. Sellers know exactly what they are paying, eliminating the surprises associated with variable percentages.
  • Personalised, tailor-made service: Property coaching offers a personalised service tailored to the specific needs of each seller. The individualised and flexible approach allows us to respond precisely to our sellers’ expectations, offering a tailor-made experience.
  • Direct access to potential buyers: With real estate coaching, sellers have direct access to potential buyers, as they carry out their own visits. This encourages more direct and rapid communication between the parties involved, often speeding up the sales process.
  • Flexibility in viewings management: Unlike traditional agencies, which often organise visits centrally, property coaching allows sellers to manage visits at their own convenience. This flexibility is appreciated by sellers and buyers alike.
What professional training do coaches receive?

Unlike real estate professionals, property coaches are not subject to the Hoguet law and are therefore not required to have a professional licence. However, at Taka, we attach particular importance to the quality of our services. Our property coaches are specifically trained to combine property expertise with coaching skills. What’s more, they hold a professional real estate licence, guaranteeing a high level of competence and professionalism. This approach reinforces our commitment to excellence and ensures that our customers receive quality support throughout their real estate journey.

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