We love what we do. What drives us is helping our clients to deal with a wide range of issues, leaving them free to relax and enjoy their life in France.
It is hugely rewarding to receive positive feedback about the difference we have made. We would like to share with you some of the issues which we have dealt with and what our clients have said about their Taka experience. We hope this gives you an idea of what we do and the value we bring.


Mr C. is British and lives in France and wanted to import his motorbike from the UK.
Customer Challenge: He didn’t know what steps were needed in order to satisfy the French administration requirements to import the vehicle and as well was worried about the language barrier.
What we did: We assisted Mr C. in gathering all the necessary documents required by the customs officers. It gave him peace of mind to present his vehicle to the officers safe in the knowledge that all the steps had been correctly followed and he is now able to enjoy riding his motorbike in France.
What our client said: “Leah turned the daunting task of a customs check for my husband’s imported motorbike into something very straightforward. Nothing was too much trouble and she seemed to have infinite patience. We can really recommend Taka.”

James needed to exchange his British driving licence for a French one.
Customer Challenge: He didn’t have time to deal with the required procedures and was worried that his French wasn’t good enough to communicate confidently with the administration.
What we did:We took care of setting up the file and followed up on it to make sure it was moving in the right direction. A few months later, James received confirmation that his application was approved and that his new French licence was on its way.
What our client said: “Thanks to Taka, my French driving licence is now on its way. Super-efficient, great service.”

Our client R had a non-EU driving licence and was not able to exchange it for a French one. He was faced with the situation of having to take a driving test in France in order to obtain a French licence so that he could drive legally.
The problem: R didn’t speak good enough French to understand the written test nor to engage properly with a driving instructor. He was also unsure of how to arrange the lessons and the test.
What we did: We met with R and discussed the options with him. We contacted several driving schools to explain the situation to help find the best solution. We arranged for him to take the written test with the help of a translator and we also accompanied him on his lessons to make sure he properly understood the terminology which he would need for his test. Thankfully, R passed first time !
What our client said: “I cannot praise Taka highly enough for their approach to solving my situation. They were so helpful and extremely patient and I know it is unlikely I would have passed without their support.”

A, the owner of a second home in France, recently purchased a new car
The problem: He required assistance in registering it under his name. The intricacies of the registration process and dealing with the seller posed a challenge for A.

What we did: We took charge of the entire registration process. We ensured a smooth journey from the purchase to the registration of A’s new car. We maintained constant communication with the seller and handled all necessary paperwork
What our client said: “I can not praise Leah Luenu enough. Leah has provided invaluable help and advice on so many of the complicated matters of owning a home here in France. Leah is very professional, nothing too much trouble or too difficult. Thanks Leah, you are amazing.”

J, a client with a second home in France, needed to sell his french car.
The problem: He needed the car right up until the final moments of his stay, leaving him with no time to find a buyer or navigate through the administrative processes of the sale
What we did: Upon J’s return to his home country, we collected his car and we handled the complete sale. We advertised the vehicle, dealt with the enquiries, secured the sale and dealt with all the administration required to complete the sale.
What our client said: “Working with Taka has been an absolute game-changer for me! From the seamless handling of my car sale to the impeccable assistance in navigating administrative processes, every step was executed with utmost professionalism and dedication.”


Mr H wanted to expand his property by buying neighbouring plots of land.
The problem:
He didn’t have the time or knowledge to lead the sale on his own and although he knew the sellers, he wanted to be sure he could communicate effectively and didn’t think his French was good enough.
What we did:
We contacted the neighbours and explained the situation after which Mr H made an offer directly to them which was accepted. We then helped him compile the dossier for the notaire. Taka was also on hand to facilitate communication between Mr H, the sellers and the notaire throughout the whole process.
What our client said:
“Taka guided me through the whole neighbouring land purchase process, helping me communicate with the sellers and the notaire. They reviewed all legal documents right through to completion. Not speaking French, I could not have handled the acquisitions without them. I am very satisfied with the performance and cost.”

C. approached us with the intention of selling her second home in France.

The problem: While she was proficient in French, living in the UK, C. faced the difficulty of managing the sale of her property in France remotely. The intricacies of the legal process and the need for local expertise were significant challenges. Additionally, she desired to save on agency fees while providing potential buyers with confidence in the transaction.
What we did: In response to C.’s situation, we proposed our coaching service. Over the course of a few weeks, we collaborated closely with C. to understand her specific needs and preferences. We identified a suitable buyer and managed the legal processes involved in the property sale. Our streamlined approach offered a cost-effective alternative to traditional agency services.
What our client said:

“When selling my house privately earlier this year, I realized I needed help as I couldn’t travel to France very easily from London. I speak French but I wanted to make sure the sale process ran smoothly and compliantly. Taka Conseil offered the perfect solution! The sale went through without a hitch and I saved many thousands on agency fees. My buyer (and other potential buyers) felt reassured that I had local professional assistance. Léah and Barbara were brilliant from start to finish, and I would definitely recommend Taka without hesitation.”

To discover more about our specialized coaching services for property sales and how we can assist you in navigating the process seamlessly, visit our dedicated website for property sale coaching at

J, a second-home owner in the Gers, spends about 10 weeks a year in France, but faced persistent issues during his visits.
The Problem: J experienced frequent issues and inconveniences during his visits, detracting from the quality time he sought to enjoy with his family. Whether it was dealing with leaks, storm-related damages, pool maintenance, or general upkeep, the cumulative effect of these challenges needed a comprehensive solution.

What We Did: With our Taka monthly contract, we provided J with continuous assistance tailored to his needs. Over the months, our team proactively addressed issues by coordinating with skilled artisans to fix leaks, managing insurance claims for damages caused by storms, sourcing qualified professionals for pool maintenance, and overseeing general property maintenance. Additionally, we facilitated the planning process by obtaining quotes for future projects that J intended to undertake, ensuring a proactive approach to property management.

What Our Client Said:
“Opting for Taka’s monthly contract has transformed my experience with my second home in the Gers. No longer burdened by constant issues, I now relish quality time under the sun. The team at Taka has been instrumental in addressing everything from leaks to storm damages and even planning future improvements. Their proactive and dedicated approach has made a significant difference. I highly recommend Taka for anyone seeking seamless property management and peace of mind.”

Mr V. wanted to install a garden shed on his land.
The problem: He didn’t have the time or the knowledge to carry out his planning application.
What we did: We met with Mr. V. to discuss his project then made the preliminary application which included submitting photos, plans and an explanatory note. The file was accepted by the Mairie and Mr V is now enjoying his newly installed shed.
What our client said

“I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly and efficiently Taka dealt with the whole process and it is certainly something I couldn’t have handled with ease myself.”

B, residing in the UK, sought a second home in France.
The Problem: B faced challenges in finding a second home in France due to inaccuracies in real estate agency advertisements. The prospect of multiple trips to view properties was time-consuming and costly.
What We Did: Upon engagement, we worked closely with B to shortlist properties. Our team visited the selected properties, providing her with detailed video reports of the viewings. As local property experts, we offered valuable insights and advice, enabling B to make informed decisions without the need for extensive travel.
What Our Client Said: “Enlisting Taka for my property search in France proved to be a remarkable experience. The team’s commitment to visiting shortlisted properties on my behalf, along with detailed video reports and expert advice, significantly saved me time and money.”
To learn more about our home-finding services, visit our website at

M recently purchased a main property in France with significant renovation needs.
The Problem: M encountered difficulties while renovating her recently acquired property in France. Her architect, based out of the area, was unable to assist in finding artisans for the essential work. Additionally, she faced limitations due to not being fluent in French, further complicating the process.
What We Did: We used our network of trusted professionals to connect M with local workers and took charge of coordinating the renovation project. To ensure seamless communication, we attended meetings with the professionals, eliminating any potential translation issues.
What Our Client Said: ” The professionalism and efficiency of the team made the entire process smooth and stress-free. I’m grateful for their on-going support ! I highly recommend Taka for property-related projects.”

R, a property owner in France, intends to undertake renovation work. He heards about energy-saving grants.
 The Problem: R sought assistance in navigating the intricate application process. He faced obstacles due to a language barrier and found it difficult to secure the grant independently. 
What We Did: Taka coordinated the entire renovation process, liaising with the administration, securing quotes from trusted professionals, and successfully obtaining the government subsidies. Ongoing communication with artisans ensured the continued progress of the work.
What Our Client Said: Exceptional Work! I’m thrilled with the outstanding work Taka has done! Their attention to detail and expertise made our project a success. Grateful for their dedication and timely delivery. Highly recommend!


D, a British citizen, possesses a one-year visa for residency in France and is required to apply for a Carte de séjour to extend his stay.
The Problem: Despite submitting his application on time, D faced continual rejections in his efforts to obtain a Carte de séjour. His lack of proficiency in French further complicated the situation, and he remained perplexed about the reasons for the denials.
What We Did: Léah, using her expertise, took proactive steps to address the issue with the administration. She identified the problem, ensured all necessary documents were submitted, and successfully helped D obtain his Carte de séjour, allowing him to continue living in France.
What Our Client Said: ” Huge thanks to Léah for her exceptional work! Her professionalism and efficiency exceeded my expectations.

Anthony and his family had, for several decades, owned a property in France via a company. For the first time, the French administration asked him to fill in a new form. 
The problem: He didn’t know how to complete the form in and his French wasn’t good enough to understand the complicated process behind it which required him to register the company in France. 
What we did: We registered the English company with the French authorities, and created an online space so that Anthony could make his annual declarations more easily. Throughout the process, we explained each step to Anthony. 
What our client said: “I am extremely grateful for the expertise shown by Léah and TAKA Conseil in resolving almost impenetrable French legal and tax systems. Léah was very efficient and amazingly helpful. Thank you again and I will undoubtedly be coming back to you!”

P and S, who own property in France, submitted their first French tax return over a year ago.
The Problem: Despite submitting their tax return, P and S never received any communication from the tax office, leaving them uncertain about their fiscal situation. 
What We Did: We proactively reached out to the tax office on behalf of P and S. We diligently pursued an update on the status of their submitted tax return, ensuring that all necessary documentation was in order. Through persistent follow-ups and clear communication, we successfully clarified P and S’s tax status, providing them with a comprehensive understanding of their position and resolving any potential issues. 
What Our client said:” I’m extremely pleased with the work done by Taka ! Thank you!”

Recently relocating to France, V received assistance from her estate agent in establishing her utility bills.
The Problem: V struggled to comprehend the utility billing system, leading to recurrent penalties for late payments and receiving sizable invoices.
What We Did: We  guided V through the intricacies of the billing process, establishing an online account and electronic billing system for each provider. Additionally, we set up a direct debit arrangement for her convenience. Now, she relies on us to set up new accounts with new providers, confident in receiving clear explanations.

C, a Dutch national who recently relocated to France, faced various challenges, including setting up utility bills, importing his car, and registering with French taxes and healthcare. 
The Problem: Faced with a myriad of tasks, C required extensive assistance in navigating the complexities of his move to France. Complicating matters, C faced the additional hurdle of not speaking enough French and struggling to comprehend the processes involved. 
What We Did: We offered C a monthly contract and undertook the responsibility of managing every aspect of C’s relocation, meticulously guiding him through setting up utility bills, importing his car, and facilitating his registration with French taxes and healthcare. We provided thorough support, accompanying him to create a dossier for the French healthcare system. Within a few weeks, he received his Carte Vitale. 
What Our Client Says: ” This last year was Taka Conseil a very big help by my problems. Thank you very much. »


G lives in the UK and her mother had a holiday home in France. Her mother died suddenly leaving G to deal with the house in France. 
The problem: G doesn’t speak French and had no understanding of the French law of succession when it comes to property. She really had no idea where to start. 
What we did: We arranged a telephone conference with G and explained the process. We then contacted the notaire (the French lawyer) and dealt with all the necessary paperwork, including local taxes and insurances. The succession progressed and G inherited her mother’s house.

A is a resident in France for over 20 years, she is perfectly bilingual and adept at managing her administrative needs. However, she is concerned about the future. 
The Problem: A is worried about the potential challenges her family may face due to language barriers and unfamiliarity with French administrative procedures upon her passing.
 What We Did: During a forward planning session, we worked closely with A to assemble a complete dossier, encompassing all essential documents and information necessary in the event of her passing. We have also ensured that  her family can rely on Taka for guidance and support in the future. We have also guaranteed that her situation is clarified and won’t pose any problems for her loved ones in the future. 
What Our Client Says: ” Very professional !”

Several clients approached us seeking guidance on understanding the future of their estate and planning for the inevitable.
The Problem: Faced with uncertainties about the fate of their estate upon passing, these clients sought comprehensive information on the necessary steps and inheritance tax implications, particularly in the context of French regulations.
What We Did: To address their concerns, we organised our first successful seminar where we explained inheritance taxes and emphasised the significance of strategic planning. The seminar identified a need for a comprehensive service to assist our clients to prepare for the future. We therefore introduced our forward planning service. This gives our clients peace of mind that their loved ones will have all the support they need at a very stressful time.
What Our Client Says: “This was an extremely helpful seminar. The speakers were knowledgeable and approachable, and the subject matter was well tailored to the audience. I came away with plenty of information, and feel far better prepared. I recommend this seminar to anyone feeling daunted by the prospect of preparing for the inevitable, or having to deal with an unexpected death, in France. A very well run event. Thank you Taka.” Explore more about our forward planning services on our website:


Mrs W. was injured and admitted to A&E briefly. 
The problem: In the panic of the situation, she wasn’t sure if she had understood the treatment plan put in place for the weeks that followed and was anxious she might have missed important information. 
What we did: We accompanied Mrs W. to her GP and also got in touch with a specialist. At each step, we translated and explained the information given by the doctors. We also made sure she was supported by competent professionals throughout. 
What our client said: “Léah has assisted us with a wide range of issues. We’ve found her to be friendly, fast and efficient, both in responding to our requests and in finding solutions to our problems. She’s been an enormous help to us and has quickly become our first-call problem solver here in France. Highest possible recommendation.

Our client J had received a written complaint (via an arbitrator) from her neighbour about an overgrown hedge. 
The problem: She was very anxious about having to attend a mediation meeting. 
What we did: We visited J at her home to establish exactly what the problem was and then accompanied her to the Mairie. We helped her to explain her position and an amicable result was reached. 
What our client said: “Without Taka’s support I am sure the process would not have gone as smoothly as it did. I would highly recommend Leah and Barbara and have no hesitation in using them again.”

K, residing in France with limited proficiency in French, faced anxiety about reporting an issue to the police. 
The Problem: With language barriers and concerns about effective communication, K required assistance, support, and assurance that her concerns would be effectively communicated. 
What We Did: We accompanied her to the police, ensuring she had assistance in articulating her concerns and making certain that her message was clearly understood. We not only attended the meeting but also followed up on the matter. 
What Our Client Says: “Taka has been my lifeline for small and huge problems in France, from making specialist doctor appointments to house selling and accompanying me at a police station. They respond fast and I trust them and appreciate their professionalism.”


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