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Welcome to our succession planning page. None of us want to confront our inevitable demise but have you considered what would happen if you die without leaving a plan for your loved ones? Taka is here to help you to navigate through everything from your funeral arrangements to ensuring that your heirs are not left with a hefty tax bill to pay.


Why forward planning matters?

Many of us have family in other countries who are not familiar with French law and customs. If we die in France, how will our loved ones know what to do?

There is so much to do in the first hours, days and months of a bereavement. Therefore if those left behind can refer to a plan, it will be a huge relief to them.
The inheritance laws in France are very different to those in the UK. There are rules about who you can leave your assets to and how much tax your heirs are likely to pay. Inheritance tax in France is paid by the individual heir and not by the estate, which is the case in the UK. Moreover, the tax is due within 6 months of death so making the correct decisions about the distribution of your estate is extremely important.

Our Taka team can guide you through these complex issues, which will help you to make informed choices.

the steps


document gathering

The first step is to ask you to gather some basic information. We will send you a list of documents, which we ask you to gather.



Once you have all your documents ready we will arrange to visit you at home to discuss your circumstances and to deal with any questions you might have. The meeting usually takes about 2 hours



After the meeting we will prepare a personal dossier for you in hard copy or in electronic copy if you prefer. The dossier will contain all of the information which will be needed by those who deal with your passing. It will also contain our contact détails so that we can be called upon to assist if necessary. The dossier includes a checklist of the necessary administrative tasks to be carried out with timescales

We will then check the dossier with you and send the completed copy to you fie safe keeping. We will keep a copy in secure storage as a back up. From time to time we will contact you to make sure that the information continues to be current.

Our principal aim is to provide peace of mind to our clients that their loved ones will not be overwhelmed with administrative issues.
Our services is completely tailored to your individual needs and we can offer continued support to those dealing with your passing, should they need it.

a trusted


Taka-Conseil is a fully registered French company.
Our clients usually contact us via personal recommendation, which we feel is the best endorsement of our service.

an expert


We work closely with our network of notaries and financial advisors to ensure the best advice in relation to succession planning.



We try to hold 2 free seminars each year with guest speakers such as notaires and financial advisors.
If you want to know more about us, come along to one of our events and decide for yourself if you like what you see.

a cost-effective


For just 250€ (300€ for a couple), our package covers meetings, dossier preparation, and expert advice.

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