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A FREE live event on How to Plan for Life After Death

We are delighted to have responded to the call from Ibanista and will be taking part in their conference.

We will be part of the panel of experts alongside Buckles Law, and Chase Buchanan. We will delve into the essential aspects of securing your retirement in the charming landscapes of France.

💭 Part 1: "Why Thinking About Death is Important for Expats"

Join Chase Buchanan as we navigate the crucial mindset necessary for planning your later years in France. Uncover the significance of considering your residence status post-spouse passing, with a spotlight on the advantageous assurances vies tailored for our British retirees.

💡 Part 2: "What Exactly is There to Think About?"

Embark on an enlightening discussion with Taka Conseil as we navigate the post-death milestones in France, unraveling the domino effect of crucial decisions.

Buckles Law sheds light on the practical administrative steps and necessary documentation for a seamless transition into your later years in the French countryside.


🚀 Part 3: How to Make the Biggest Difference and Save Time, Energy, and Stress

Taka Conseil shares experiences of aiding families post-loved one’s passing, revealing the impactful tasks that make a substantial difference.

Buckles Law provides strategic insights on managing time, energy, and stress through prioritized actions for expats owning assets in France, the UK, and the US.

Chase Buchanan offers financial perspectives on avoiding overwhelm, ensuring a smooth and manageable planning process.


🌍 Join us for an unmissable exploration into securing your vibrant later chapters in the heart of France! 🌍

Online event
Date: Thursday 18th April
Time: 7 pm

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Dealing with death in France​

Vic Fezensac, 32

Date : 13th March 2024
Vic Fezensac

The continued success of our seminars highlights the significant interest people have in forward planning, which we find very positive. We responded to numerous questions from attendees seeking clear explanations and shared helpful ideas and information with them, fostering an engaging atmosphere throughout the event.

Integrate into
french life

Maubourguet, 65

Date : 3rd November 2023


An engaging seminar tailored to address the crucial aspects internationals need to consider when making their initial move to France.

Dealing with death in France​

marciac, 32

Date : 5th June 2023

In this insightful seminar, we explored the essential steps to take in the event of death and how to prepare effectively. The event featured two expert speakers from Spectrum & Prudential who shared valuable insights on Assurance Vie and pensions.

Dealing with death in France​


Date : 7th December 2022

In our inaugural seminar, we responded to the inquiries of many who sought clarity. The session focused on demystifying the processes that follow someone’s death in France, emphasizing the importance of preparation. The event, dedicated to shedding light on these essential topics, turned out to be a resounding success.

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