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A FREE live event on How to Plan for Life After Death

Come along to our next seminar in Vic Fezensac. Enjoy coffee, cake and the chance to learn from us and ask questions in person

Our experience tells us that certain topics need sensitive handling and also take time to fully understand. It is why each year we organise seminars that look at the importance of Succession Planning after Death.


Dealing with death is painful for loved ones at any time. Add having to face an unfamiliar administrative and legal system whilst coping with grief and stress levels will be even higher. It is why Taka offers a stand-alone Forward Planning service plus we run seminars where we set out how being well prepared now can make life all the difference to those left behind.


Planning ahead to when you are no longer here is important for all of us but even more so if you live alone. Have you nominated someone who understands the French system to deal with your affairs?

If you have a partner, will they be able to cope with their loss whilst also following all the necessary French administration procedures?

Lastly, if you have children who do not live in France, will they have the confidence to handle the required paperwork in French? If you’ve answered ‘no’ to any of these questions then this live event could be for you.



  • A clear outline of the issues your family and friends will have to face after you’ve passed.                                            
  • An explanation of how we can help you plan and gather all the information needed for the days immediately following your death, and in the weeks afterwards.                                            
  • We will set out how we can inform and support your loved ones and deal with the necessary administrative tasks.


Welcome drinks and introductions from Taka Conseil. Our 2-hour presentation covers the potential issues that can arise without proper preparation, explain the practical steps to take when dealing with a death, and provide guidance on effective preparation strategies.

Place: Salle des conférences (above the Mairie),
Vic Fezensac
Date: Wednesday 13th March
Time: 2 pm

previous events

Integrate into
french life

Maubourguet, 65

Date : 3rd November 2023


An engaging seminar tailored to address the crucial aspects internationals need to consider when making their initial move to France.

Dealing with death in France​

marciac, 32

Date : 5th June 2023

In this insightful seminar, we explored the essential steps to take in the event of death and how to prepare effectively. The event featured two expert speakers from Spectrum & Prudential who shared valuable insights on Assurance Vie and pensions.

Dealing with death in France​


Date : 7th December 2022

In our inaugural seminar, we responded to the inquiries of many who sought clarity. The session focused on demystifying the processes that follow someone’s death in France, emphasizing the importance of preparation. The event, dedicated to shedding light on these essential topics, turned out to be a resounding success.

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